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Thoughts on happiness

Aileen Doherty

Thoughts on happiness by Aileen Doherty . My thesis in progress.

  • The Social Contract between the American People and its government sets forth a long understood and fundamental right to pursue a life of Happiness, economic wellbeing, and thus, government’s obligation to provide “for the general welfare.”
  • Without Happiness, Life and Liberty cannot be achieved.
  • Via the Federal Government’s active neoliberal economic policies and ineffective state and local government’s to create effective economic development policies counter-balance to neoliberal effects,the American Government has failed in its responsibility to its People.

In this presentation I will review

  • The Pursuit of Happiness, [General Welfare Clause in the Constitution] its meaning as intended by the founders, specifically Jefferson, Hamilton and Adams and interpreted by Lincoln and FDR, both the right of the People and the responsibility of government.
  • Focusing on the Federal government, I will review how the modern neoliberal economic policies of the US Government have directly contributed to a dramatic increase in inequity among Americans.
  • Focusing on New York StateI will review how the economic policies have ignored the effects of a neoliberal policy and thus have perpetuated inequities and are thus not aligned with their duty pursuant to the social contract.
  • Provide examples of alternative economic solutions for local economies which may be actively implemented by government to reverse neoliberal effect and create a more sustainable eco-system

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